In AFFmotion we condemn any kind of marketing practice that violates ethic principals. The use of data extracting software, misuse of creativities, emails that imply a notorious abuse of our products or websites, spamming practices via websites or any other unlawful practice, will determine strong consequences. The detection of infringement will be followed by a thorough investigation process.
Consequences over infringement of anti-spam policy:
- Users who are identified as violators of AFFmotion's anti-spam policy will be temporally banned from the use of their trader accounts until further investigation proves the contrary.
- In the case an unlawful user has earnings on his/her affiliate account, the earnings will be automatically freezed.
- AFFmotion has the right to cancel the accounts of those users who have incurred in illegal practices until the due investigation determines otherwise.
If you are familiar with a user who has misused AFFmotion's products or website or if you just want to receive information regarding our anti spam-policy, please send us an email to: